Prices & Services

On this page you will find our range of main coaching services + prices. We have formatted the information in the next sections to show you:


How you start and continue working with us


The options and prices we offer during the process

Getting started

This is the process and cost involved when you start working with us (i.e. when you are simply checking out and 'trying' our service)

Step Option What Happens? Duration Cost
1 Consultation

We listen carefully to your case, answer any questions you may have and give you a general idea of how we would work with you.

  • In the consultation, we can provide you with our personal opinion on your English situation (i.e. proficiency, main issues and top priorities to advance)
  • We can also outline details of best options, arrangements and prices for your case.

If, after a consultation, you wish to proceed, just let us know and we will set up a Trial Session for you.

10-15 mins Free
Step Option What Happens? Duration Cost
2 Trial Session + After-Session Report (ASR)

During Trial Session, we take you through a range of some of our main strategies, activities and techniques, interactively testing key aspects of your proficiency.

We will also take various ‘audio’ samples of the English you produce during these training activities.

Afterwards, we send an After-Session Report containing:

  • Range of MP3 audios of personalized
    feedback on your proficiency and what you need to do to advance.
  • Transcriptions of your English (including audio analysis) comparing your original language with our upgraded version of your language.
  • Detailed assessment of your main priorities and an explanation of how we will work on those issues.
75 mins £50*

(*Note: The full-price of Trial Session + Report is £85. However, contact us within 24hrs of your consultation to book a Trial Session and get £35 discount)

Step Option What Happens? Duration Cost
3 Trial Program

If, after the Trial Session you wish to proceed further we suggest you complete a short Trial Program.

Note: You do not have to do the ‘Trial’ Program. We have other options. But, it is a good starting point because it includes the ‘full’ range of our approach/services at a relatively lower cost and gives a clear idea of what longer-term path may suit you best.

Our Trial Program includes: 

  • 5 x 60 min. one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Various typed/audio reports (sent between sessions) containing detailed feedback on key areas of your English.
  • Extra feedback and material sent between sessions + support from your coach throughout whole program.
  • Strategies and assistance to help you set up and manage an effective advancement regime.
  • Explanation and assessment of your main issues + range of solutions for improvement

By the end of the Trial Program you should be very clear about how we can push your English to a more advanced level.

Note: The Trial Program is a trial only in that there is no obligation to continue afterwards. However, for us it is the real start of our process to advance your English. So, we officially get to work on your English even during the Trial Program.

3 weeks Starting at £399

Continuing to work with us

After those three steps you can choose to continue with one of the following options.

Option Service What Happens? Duration Cost
1 Refinement Sessions

Our Refinement Sessions service is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ arrangement, consisting of a set number of one-to-one training sessions adapted to your personal needs.

This is our ‘regular’ service and suitable for advanced speakers and/or very busy people looking for a flexible but, impactful option to refine key areas/details of their English.

This option is ‘pay-as-you-go’. You book a minimum of five sessions at a time and exact content of arrangement is decided between you and your coach.

You can also add additional services (e.g. accent training, writing proficiency etc.) from our range; creating your own personalized arrangement suited to your budget, schedule and ambitions.

Pay-as-you-go but, typically people go on to book between 10-30 sessions Arrangements start from approx. £65 per session
Option Service What Happens? Duration Cost
2 Advancement Program

Our most complete, attentive and intensive package. A 3-4 month program divided into 3 stages.

Each stage includes a set number of one-to-one coaching sessions and an exceptional amount of support, training and material between sessions.

You can pay for the program in stages (i.e. one stage at a time) or book multiple stages at a reduced rate.

This option is only for very ambitious, enthusiastic and committed learners. If you choose this option, your English becomes our personal project.

3-4 month program (divided into three stages). Total cost of whole program starts at approx. £3000 (payment plan possible).
Option Service What Happens? Duration Cost
3 Short-term Programs

We offer a number of ‘short-term’ programs, which focus on more singular skills (e.g. Writing, Pronunciation & Delivery etc.).

We also offer a ‘Self-Advancement Program’, for learners based in English-speaking countries (or who use English regularly in their day-to-day lives).

This affordable option consists of 10 x Refinement Sessions (option 1) + extra training/material to show you how to advance effectively by yourself.

4-8 weeks depending on option. From £350

We offer different lower and higher-cost ‘versions’ of the options above. If you arrange a consultation,
we will send you full-details and prices of our main three coaching options and their different versions. Then, in the consultation, once we have a better idea of your needs, ambitions and budget, we can explain which of our options (and which ‘version’) might be best for you.

Range of prices for Advancement Program

The program is a 3-4 month package divided into three stages. We offer discounts for booking multiple stages at a time or you can simply book one stage at a time and then, either stop or continue when you have finished that stage.

Stage Program Duration Price Range
1 Introduction 4-5 weeks From £499
2 Preparation 6-8 weeks From £1295
3 Advancement 6-8 weeks From £1295

(Note: The prices listed indicate cost of each stage if you pay in advance and in one 'single-payment' . We also offer further discounts for booking multiple stages in advance.)

Flexibility to suit all learners

We have our general range of options and prices. But we also take into consideration individual needs and situations. Here are some examples of our flexibility:

1. Individualized Pricing

We offer a range of prices; from flexible, lower-cost options to more attentive, higher-priced services. However, we may be able to adjust certain services to meet specific budgets.

2. Extra Services

Maybe you have a very specific 'English' need? We offer many other services including formal writing courses and preparation for presentations/job interviews and language examinations such as TOEIC, IELTS, CAE.

3. Group Coaching

We mainly work online. However, we offer face-to-face 'physically-present' coaching to groups/individuals residing in London and Tokyo. We can also arrange to travel to other destinations.

4. 'Top-Up' Services

You can customize or supplement your arrangement: If you are interested in making extra progress or working on specific skills we offer a range of extra ‘top-up’ services.

Information about the Advancement Program


There is no obligation to book all stages

Although maximum benefit is attained if you do all the stages, there is no obligation to complete every stage. You could also have 'breaks' between stages but we cannot always guarantee availability after gaps.


This program is aimed at people that use English regularly

One of the main objectives of the program is to set you up with all the tools and know-how to make progress as a more independent learner. So, although not a requirement, this option is aimed at people that live in an English-speaking country or use English regularly.


You can book multiple stages or commit only to one stage at a time

You do not need you to make any long-term commitment with us. You can commit to one stage at a time and then decide if you wish to continue. However, many clients take advantage of our discounts for booking multiple stages in advance. It is totally your choice.


We have various payment plans

All stages can be paid for in installments. However, we also offer discounts if you pay for a stage in one single payment and if you book more than one stage at a time.


One additional stage

The ‘real’ push for advancement is concentrated into stages 1-3. However, we also offer a further additional stage (Stage 4: Refinement Program) to work on problem areas and refine the details of your ability.


Program structure and duration can be altered slightly to suit your schedule

We can arrange sessions at times to suit your schedule. We can also extend or condense durations of programs slightly. However, we do have maximum time-frames for the completion of programs.